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Protein Shakes

All the energy you need in just one drink! Kitchen Lab’s Protein Drinks are easy, smart and addictively tasty! Come on, choose!


Vanilla Whey Protein with milk, peanut butter and flax seeds
Energy (Kcal) 360
Protein 30 g
BCAA 4,42 g

Build Up

Banana Whey Protein with milk, tahini, bananas and sesame seeds
Energy (Kcal) 420
Protein 40 g
BCAA 10,97 g


Strawberry Whey Protein with coconut milk, strawberries, ginger and cinnamon
Energy (Kcal) 290
Dietary fiber 7 g (12% D.R.I.)
Protein 27 g

Fill You Up

Chocolate Whey Protein with milk, real chocolate and chia seeds
Energy (Kcal) 380 
Dietary fiber 13 g (43% D.R.I.)
Protein 31 g