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Kitchen Lab

Homemade Sandwiches

Did you forget to pack a sandwich at home? No problem! We make great homemade sandwiches that might actually be even better than yours!

Vegetarian Sandwich

Slow rise whole-wheat bread, tomato, guacamole, veggie coconut bacon & lime dressing

Turkey Wrap

Flour tortilla, smoked turkey, cheese mix, iceberg lettuce, corn, honey mustard mayo

Chicken Coronation

Crispy bread, chicken fillet, cheese mix, tomato, lettuce, curry mayo

Ham and Cheese (Toast)

Crispy buttered bread, roast pork deli meat, cheese mix, Dijon mustard

Salmon Bagel

Bagel, salmon gravadlax, cream cheese, horseradish, rocket leaves, homemade pickled cucumber & Dijon mustard


Multi-seeded sourdough bread, beef pastrami, homemade pickled cucumbers, rocket leaves, mayonnaise, whole grain mustard